Why I created www.75orbetter.com

I created this site because I discovered a gap in what was available to pharmacy students and pharmacists when it came to MPJE study guides.  There are plenty of supplemental resources (I recommend a few), but there was no step by step guide that showed the reader how to study for the exam and what to expect.  I never thought that I would become so well versed in the MPJE and taking pharmacy law exams, but due to my line of work, it became a necessity.  I am very proud of  being able to say that I passed each MPJE exam I took on the first try, but I discovered that I was even more proud of helping others pass the exam on their next attempt after I provided my guide.  So far, there have been hundreds of students and pharmacists who have found value from this guide, and there have been a handful of students and pharmacists who I have been able to help one on one (see their testimonials here).  The best feeling is receiving the call, text or email making me aware that they passed.  They deserve 100% of the credit as they put in the work, I just provided a map of how to get there.

My goal from here is to continue to provide this guide at not cost to the reader and to also expand the content to include study guides for the NAPLEX and FPGEE.  The techniques I used to pass the all those MPJE exams can be translated to both of these pharmacy exams.  I am also planning on created specific state study guides that I can offer on my site for a reasonable cost.  It takes a great deal of time and effort to create these guides, but I want to make sure they are affordable since most exam takers are new graduates starting out.

Thank you for visiting my site.  As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please email me at madmackllc@gmail.com

Best of Luck,


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