MS MPJE – First Step: Gather Needed Information

I started my preparation process for the Mississippi MPJE.  The goal is to take and pass in the next 60 days.  In looking at the available days to schedule, it appears end of October, early November is the best time to take the exam.  I have to make sure the exam time works for both family and work schedules.  I am trying to avoid any rescheduling needs since there is an additional charge incurred.

First thing I did was to identify and collect all the state specific laws and regulations Mississippi publishes on the board website.  I found their Regulations, Pharmacy Practice Actand Administrative Rules.  My initial reaction is that Mississippi’s website is organized and easy to find.  Only thing missing is a digital law book, which other states offer.  All in all, this should be a straight forward read; I think my approach will be to read the material online the first time and print any pages of note.  The second time I study the material, it will be based on what I printed.  The second time you study should always be more focused based on what is expected to be on the MPJE.

The next step is to confirm and bookmark their FAQ page and Newsletter publications.  I was able to find a FAQ page, which was okay, but not great.  It does not address many questions, but there are some helpful information included such as required intern hours to become licensed and guidelines for the format of prescription blanks.  I could not find any Newsletter publications, but I did find the All News page which provides helpful updates.  As I review this page more in depth, I will provide an update in future posts on whether it was valuable or not.

Finally, I purchased the Mississippi Pharmacy Exam as I strongly recommend, and I will be using exactly as I discuss in my study guide.

For Federal Law review, I will be dusting off my Guide to Federal Pharmacy Law book, and I will go through the material one time to make sure I am not surprised by any questions on the MPJE.

Thank you for taking the time to read these posts and if you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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