Most Recent MPJE Experience

This past September, I started preparing for the Mississippi MPJE, but I had to pivot to another state when I discovered that my Authorization to Test (ATT) was about to expire.  Instead of taking the MS MPJE, I started studying for the Kentucky exam as the deadline was sooner than Mississippi.  A slight oversight on my part, but thankfully, I had the experience of taking 14 MPJEs to get me through the exam.  I took the exam on 01/03/2019 and I scored an 87.  To be fully transparent, I did not expect to score that high but rather score in the low 80s or even high 70s.  This goes back to my original MPJE study guide where I mention that you will feel that you did not do as well as you actually score.  As I started to prepare for the KY exam, I used the same techniques that I provide on this site, but I had to compress my studying to less than one week due to work obligations.  I printed all the Kentucky laws/regulations and read them twice, reviewed FAQs, Newsletters and took the quizzes twice.  I skimmed over a few federal laws that I always review and that was it.  I did not feel as ready as I have on other exams, but I was still confident that I would be able to pass.  With a little luck and lots of experience, I passed.  Now I can go back to focusing on the MS MPJE which I plan on taking before June.  As always, when you prepare for your MPJE and you have any questions, please email me at

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