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    • If you have read my MPJE guide already, you know that I highly recommend this resource for any state.  It is a great way to practice for the MPJE.  150 questions broken down into five quizzes with 30 questions each.  The true value is in the presentation of the answer where the entire law is referenced and not just the portion that provides the answer.  It allows the reader to fully comprehend the intent of the law.  I have used this service for almost ten years and it has helped me pass over 10 MPJE exams.  It is part of my process.  Other benefits of the online module is you can access from anywhere using the link that is provided after you make your purchase.  You are also able to download the program so you can study offline if needed.

    • The questions are presented in a similar format to the MPJE.  You will have multiple choice questions and K type questions.  The only question type that will be on the MPJE, but not on the practice quizzes are the “choose all that apply” type questions.  If you choose to follow my guide, I recommend taking all five quizzes after you complete your first round of studying.  You would then complete additional law review and retake the quizzes the day before or the day of the exam.



  • Maryland Pharmacy Laws, 2016 Edition

    • This is the actual book I used to study and pass the Maryland MPJE on the first try.  I appreciated the fact this book was available as it narrowed down what I had to review and it was a primary reference (i.e. official law book from the state board).  If you are planning on taking Maryland MPJE and want to increase your chances of passing, combine this book, the federal law book with the practice quizzes from PharmacyExam and you will have a legitimate chance at passing.



Federal Law

  • Dr. C’s Ultimate Federal Pharmacy Law Review 2022, Mastering the MPJE Competencies

    • I had the change to review this book after talking with Dr. Cacciatore and I am happy to say that the information included is up to date, and covers everything that is included in the Guide To Federal Pharmacy Law.  This would be my go to Federal Law book since it has the latest info, especially since there have been a few important updates recently.

  • Guide to Federal Pharmacy Law, 9th Edition

    • This book is no longer my recommended choice for Federal law review since it has not been updated since 2017.  It has value still if you choose to purchase.  It was written by two pharmacy professors which means they know how to present information in a format that is conducive to learning.  It is comprehensive and includes all the major laws and acts including, but not limited to, Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS), HIPAA, Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act along with FDA classics such as Pure Food and Drug Act, Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and Prescription Drug Marketing Act.  Another thing to consider is the fact this book can be used as a reference after you pass the MPJE.


  • RxPrep Federal Law Summary for MPJE

    • I wanted to add one more resource for Federal Law Review.  This book made the list because it is published by a company that has a great reputation for the NAPLEX exam and provide thorough, comprehensive resources.  This book is a little pricey, so if you are willing to invest in a resource rather than compile all the material from the FDA and DEA websites, then this is your resource.  Here is the publisher’s description of what you will receive (please note that this is for federal pharmacy law only.  That is what it will prepare you for.  It does not contain any state specific pharmacy law information):

RxPrep’s MPJE® Online Course — which includes material that matches the content of the MPJE® blueprint — is complete and uniquely designed to prepare students for the MPJE® and begin their career as a licensed pharmacist. This course has been prepared by a team of pharmacists and legal experts to make sure all testable items are covered completely. Legal jargon is left out and replaced with the practical information needed to interpret the MPJE® questions and respond with the best answer.