Pass the MPJE

One on One Consult

I am offering you a zero risk offer to pass the MPJE.  If you sign up and take the MPJE within 30 days of our consult and do not pass, I will refund you 100% of your money.  All you must do is provide proof of your score (NABP exam score or letter from the state board) and your refund will be issued within 72 hours.  I am that confident in my ability to help you pass the MPJE as I know it can be a daunting pass, but the goal becomes easier with the right plan and execution.
The one on one consult includes the following:
  • Guide on what to study specifically for your state
  • Guide on what resources to use to supplement your studies for state and federal review
  • Five-hour online session to review federal and state law with focus on the essential sections
  • One-hour phone session 24-72 hours prior to taking the MPJE to review any final questions
  • Thirty-day access to submit questions by email.  Responses provided within 72 hours.


One Hour Phone Consult

This offer includes a one-hour phone consult that will provide the essentials of what sections of the law to study, what resources to use and a 10-day access to submit questions by email (Responses provided within 72 hours).  I will provide the techniques I use to study for the MPJE that have helped me pass 14 exams on the first try.