Testimonials from pharmacists who benefited from www.75orbetter.com content and the services of Mad Mack Consulting:

“Hi, I just want to say thank you for your help, I just checked my results now and found out that I passed.  I would not have done it with out your help.   God bless you Richly. I really appreciate.”  A.A.
“Good evening Hazem,  I’m delighted to say that I passed my exam with a 90% score.  I’m so grateful for all your tips and suggestions which I followed them religiously.  They really work!!  Keep up the great work to help others in similar position :).  I just wanted to genuinely say thank you and wish you and your family the best.” Elisabeta (current 75orbetter record holder with a score of 90)
“Here to tell you the news first after telling my family! I passed the MPJE with an 82. First, I want to say thank you because the study materials you listed on your website were incredibly helpful. Also thank you for taking the time to talk to me and providing encouragement and exam tips.”  Sam
“I wanted to follow up with you. I took my MPJE exam on 12/1/20 and found out yesterday that I passed. I am officially licensed! I definitely give credit when credit is due. After I found your website, I got organized. I did everything you listed. From newsletters to FAQs to the law book to the Federal law book you suggested. I had a candy bar right before the exam and not once felt tired. I want to say thank you because I do personally believe that you played a role in me passing. Thank you Hazem for helping and providing this service to everyone.”  Harvey B.
“I can’t thank you enough for all of the helpful tips, tricks, and comprehensive study information recommendations for the MPJE. I passed the Alabama MPJE with an 80 on the first try in 2019, and I told any pharmacy student who would listen about your website. This year I am studying for the Mississippi MPJE, and I intend to use this website again!”  Lauren S.
“Just want to say thank you so much for you help! I actually had a family emergency which derailed my studying a bit but I pretty much kept to the script for the AL MPJE. I want to share that I followed your message/system and PASSED! I even had some hiccups getting to the test and with my ID the day of, but when I got to the MPJE I felt so clear as to the nature of the questions, what was being asked and how to approach the topics that were being presented. I am planning to get licensed in TX as well but this guide is going to be my foundation for any and every state licensure exam going forward. I seriously could not have passed without your help; thank you for inspiring me and helping me get my confidence back!”   Kristen R.
“I want to share my experience taking MPJE by using Hazem’s method. I studied the materials everyday for about 3-4 hours for 2-3 weeks, and practiced the questions as I study. Hazem encouraged me to stay positive and composed when taking the exam, focusing on each question one at a time. I was extremely nervous before taking the state MPJE, but Hazem helped me to stay focused and I passed the exam. I am forever grateful for his help and generosity. Thank you so much Hazem”  Thu N.
“I was lucky enough to come across 75orbetter site. The guidance provided by Hazem was indispensable and he definitely has a heart willing to help. He provided me with the Must know bullet points for the test. I highly recommend this to anyone who feels clueless on what to study or how to approach MPJE .Thank you so much for all the help.”  Christina from Ohio
“I took the GA MPJE again on Nov 15th and I passed! Actually I did better than pass, I made an 84…a whole 10 points higher than the last 2 times I took it! Your advice and study outline were such a great help to me especially at a time when I was so very discouraged after failing it twice with a 74. Thank you so much for your advice on how to best prepare and study for such a tough exam. Thanks to you I finally am getting to practice! I accepted a position as Pharmacy Manager and I am loving it!” Jade M. 
“I was lucky enough to come across this website. After failing my MA MPJE for the first time I felt that I can’t pass this exam ever. Hazem came to the rescue. He guided me one on one and I followed all his tips and I passed my MA MPJE on my second attempt. Also eating candy before the exam actually helps!! Thank you Hazem!!” Miya S. 
“I successfully passed the Florida MPJE. I am not like some of my  fellow colleagues who can walk in that exam guess and come out with a 75 or better and then can’t explain to me what to do. Reading hazems step by step guide on how to approach the MPJE was the best thing to ever happen to me. It is the simplest guide out there THAT works. Everything else out there is outdated, and obsolete.  I would recommend this to anyone having trouble with the MPJE (especially Florida) and who needs COMPETENT guidance.  Hazem thank you I got a 79 on the MPJE and knew what I was doing from question 1-120. HAZEM many blessings thank you brother look forward to working with you in the future.” Julio R.
“Hazem helped me pass the MPJE after not being successful on the first attempt.  He provided one on one coaching along with providing his guide and tools for passing the MPJE.  It was a great feeling passing the AZ MPJE and I want to say Thanks for the all the help.”  Sarah A.
“I passed the Hawaii MPJE in 2018 after not taking an MPJE since 2003.  Hazem’s assistance through 75orbetter.com helped me develop a strategy, utilize specific resources, and have a mentor available throughout.  If you’re looking for a personalized approach, 75orbetter is it.” – Walter G.
“I was very pleased with the service Hazem was able to provide for me.  I had done my preparation.  I used the links he provided and used the books he suggested.  Most impressive was he test taking tips and suggestions and also his pep talk the night before exam day.  He promptly called when he said he would, he followed up on questions I had and he willing shared the knowledge he has acquired.  I was very pleased and yes I passed my MPJE for NY after a couple of failed attempts on my own.  Thanks Hazem.” David B.