About Hazem and the 75 or Better Concept

Hello and welcome to www.75orbetter.com where my goal is to help you pass pharmacy licensing exams including the MPJE, NAPLEX and FPGEE to help you start your career as a pharmacist.  My name is Hazem and I have been a pharmacist for over 15 years.  I am currently licensed in 18 states which required passing 16 MPJEs (proof IL is not listed as they do not share exam results) and 2 state specific pharmacy law exams (AR and VA).  I really enjoy pharmacy and have carved out a niche in Home Delivery / Mail Order pharmacy. The reason I have so many licenses is due to ~18 state regulations that require a pharmacist working in a Mail Order Pharmacy be licensed in their state.  As the Pharmacy Director for a large national Mail Order and Pharmacist-in-Charge, my goal is to be licensed in all required states.  I should have all needed states by the start of 2019.

I graduated from the University of Montana (Go Griz) with a Doctor of Pharmacy in 2004 and later received a Master’s in Business Administration from Arizona State University in 2012.  I started my career as a retail pharmacist and transitioned to Mail Order in 2010. My passion is in management, pharmacy law & regulation and education. Over the past 8 years, I have developed expertise in pharmacy law & regulation on both the federal and state level.  I have interacted with the DEA and 50 pharmacy state boards which allowed me to become very well versed in non-resident pharmacy law and requirements.  I have also helped many of my friends and colleagues pass the NAPLEX, MPJE and FPGEE.  I look forward in helping you do the same.

I started www.75orbetter.com for two reasons: First - I truly enjoy educating and learning at the same time while helping pharmacy school graduates and pharmacists pass their pharmacy exam.  Second - I could not find a resource or guide online that takes you through the entire process and provides detailed steps on how to study for the each exam.  There are plenty of supplemental resources, some of them great, but they do not tell you how to study or what to review.  I remember the anxiety I felt before taking my first MPJE for Arizona and the feeling that no matter how much I studied, it felt like an impossible task to pass the exam.  The moments after taking the exam and until I received my score, I “knew” that I failed…but I didn’t. I received an 82 on that exam and have passed every MPJE since then on the first try.  My current average MPJE score is 85 and over the past 15 years I have learned specific learning techniques that I am confident will help you pass, especially the MPJE. I have used the same methods for each exam and have not scored below an 80 with my highest score coming in at 90 for MPJE (I scored a 110 on the NAPLEX).   The best part now is I only take two days to study for each exam (I have two coming up this year MS and KY).  I do not recommend this approach for first or second timers, but with one week to prepare and your dedication, I feel confident that I can help you pass.

After the initial success of helping pharmacists pass the MPJE, I am expanding this site to also help future pharmacists with the NAPLEX and FPGEE.  My methods translate to any similarly structured exam.

Now that you know more about me, please let me know if you have any questions or feedback regarding the website.

Thank You for Reading,